Islamic Services

1.  Free Roohani (spiritual ) Treatment


Roohani free treatment for all kind of physical, mental or spiritual illnesses and problem is offered to registered members. This treatment is purely in accordance with the Islamic teachings. We do pray for the problems and Allah gives the CURE. Treatment is available for following:


A physical problem includes all acute as well as chronic diseases. Disabilities by birth or started thereafter.


Mental and physiological illness, depression, anxiety, insomnia, rage, jealousy, hate, etc.


Bad relations, disappointment, misfortune, mishaps, unexplained situations.etc.



You can ask for yourself or anyone for the treatment. For treatment, following information is required:


1.     Name & mother’s name

2.     Problem. Brief description, like problem, history, treatment

3.     Location. Only city and country.

4.     Permission for starting the treatment.

5.     Membership Registration Number.


For chronic diseases and problems, the duration will few weeks, whereas for the acute problems, immediate results can be expected.



2. Live Holy Quran Recitation for ceremonies:


Quran Khawani (Recitation) is offered for various occasions, like anniversary etc, and it will be available live on internet, to enable the concerned to join it remotely. The Quran Khawani is done by the qualified group of students and Imam. At least 15 days advance booking is required.


3.  Aqiqa Services


Aqiqa is essential for all muslims. It is required to perform within one weeks time of the birth. In case it was not performed, then it is required to perform it as soon as possible. We offer the services for performing it on your behalf and disposing off the meet as per your instructions, like handing it over to orphanage houses.


 4. Ask any Question to Islamic Scholars.


If you have any question, our scholars will reply in accordance with Islamic shariah.



5. LearnQuranOnline  Services